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Second Winter in Coventry

It’s my second winter here in the United Kingdom. Still this winter brings mesmerization to me as though it’s my first ever winter. Like it’s the first time when I met Mr snow. Here’s are some pictures of the first … Continue reading

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Forum: Who is Muhammad?

Salam. A talk was conducted by ISoc Warwick just now at Warwick Uni and the topic was ‘Who is Muhammad?’ I didn’t know what to expect from this talk but I still went. The speakers were 2 ladies, Sister Myriam … Continue reading

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The day when we smile humourlessly,

Frosting grass upon the terrain, murky haze and somber weather, accompanying blow of frigid wind, gives a chill and shrilling pressure, Like an omen it’s telling us, a great loss of such a loving heart, in a split second it … Continue reading

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Talk and Dicussion: Revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx

I managed to take part in a one and a half hour discussion held by ‘the socialist workers’ movement in my university yesterday 12th of Nov 2011. They discussed Marx and Engel ideas of Socialist Revolution in the meet. To … Continue reading

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Review: Are Muslim being demonized in the West? by Mehdi Hassan

Salam to all This talk was conducted last 28th Oct 2010 at H0.52 in Uni of Warwick. To find out more about the speaker you can google it up or click the link here -> x Well Mehdi Hassan managed … Continue reading

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Update dari Coventry

Cuaca yang baik-baik setakat ini dengan beberapa hari yang sunny dipayungi awan biru megah berarak. Biar aku nikmati hari panas ni sebelum kesejukan datang melanda menusuk sehingga ke tulang. Coventry masih coventry. Warwick masih lagi warwick. Dimeriahkan lagi dengan kehadiran … Continue reading

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Extra infos in Warwick

First of all, I’d like to welcome again all the friends coming from ipoh to warwick. I sure hope you guys have a nice flight from klia to heathrow. Can’t be there to hantar you all cause my flight’s gonna … Continue reading

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Dialog racist.

Fay: Aku ni sebenarnya bukan pure Melayu pun. Atuk aku dua-dua datang dari India. Nenek aku dua-dua anak cina, keluarga melayu pelihara sbg anak angkat dari kecik. Apiq: Eh sama lah aku. Nenek aku siam. Atuk aku dari India. Tiba-tiba … Continue reading

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To all teslians: Hope, and the spirit of us.

Today I’ll go down bringing the spirit from the Teslians. And I’ll give it my best shot to honour all my friends who’ll be coming to support me. Wish me, Hanif and Rusydi luck. Selamat!

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Update laju-laju lagi.

It’s almost the end of term 2. Pejam celik dah 5 bulan kat sini. Dah 3-4 essaimen hantar. Datang lagi 2. Siap portfolio 20 minggu punya kerja kena hantar this week. Best betol! ;p Antara schedule hidup setakat baru2 ni: … Continue reading

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