Is Islam proud of us?

This entry is based on understanding of today’s jumaat khutba at Coventry University Prayer Hall.

We can say, all of us Muslimin and Muslimat that we are proud of Islam. We can claim today we are Muslims, the ummah of Muhammad saw. Yet the real question is are Islam proud of us?
Many of us have lots of theoritical knowledge about Islam. We know many things because we read and attend lectures. Yet most of us fail to realize that practicality is better than any theory. What good is an engineer who memorise all engineering books but have never operate any engine before? The same applies to Muslims. What good are we if we can memorise lots of Surah and Hadith yet fail to realize and perform what were said in the Surah and Hadith.
All Muslims, we should have 3 things. First is belief. Believe in Islam. In the words of Allah and his messengers. After belief, comes the importance of actions. Take actions based on what we were told. However all actions will only be counted if we can have the third element in them which is sincerity. Have these 3 elements, belief, action and sincerity, insyaAllah we will become good Muslims.
And don’t we expect to pass this life test easily. All Muslims who said ‘We believe.’, your belief shall be tested and assessed with test and trials by Allah. “And those who turned to my sunnah at times where his imaan is at the lowest, are the guided ones.” Said Rasulullah saw.
We muslims should be proud of our teachings. We should be dogmatic. Say what is right and prohibit what is wrong. Stand up for who you are or you’ll stand up for anything and everything else.
*A remembrance to oneself and to others.
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