Volunteering chances in Malaysia!

In more or less 8 months we are going to launch our Projek Kalsom 17 in Melaka. For those in Malaysia who wants to contribute, you can donate through our online Rm5 campaign (refer to the flyers above). Or help spread this words to your family, relatives and friends.

We are looking for volunteers too for our ‘Free Tuition Scheme’ programme. It is highly experimental at the moment. We plan to conduct a free tuition for secondary school student at Seri Setia area at the moment. Who ever wants to volunteer and play a role in our Free Tuition Scheme to help give our youths any kind of useful knowledge, please do inform our guy Muhsin Hassan (Malaysian Regional Director) at muhsin.hassan@projek-kalsom.com
Muhsin is also looking for willing volunteers in any Semenanjung state to help us run fundraising events for Projek Kalsom and be a part of our Malaysia Division committee team.
Any kind of help. Any kind of suggestions. and any kind of donation are very much appreciated and will be used to help build a decent now for a better future for our Malaysian youths.
Selamat! 😉
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