Paths, decisions and destiny

In this part of life’s full journey, here is where we’ll always meet the paths to our destiny. People said sometimes we are destined to do what we do. Yet, I’m more pleased to believe that it is us who choose our own paths to our own destiny.

From what I’ve learnt so far, I can see that many teenagers are actually not ready to face the fight they will have to one day. Life’s a fight and yes it’s true. It’s just that not many people recognize life as a fight. At least when we’re out of our comfort zone, it’s like a battlefield for us, to create another comfort zone again. Yet, teens do not know of this. Do not know of the opportunities they’re gonna miss if they do not engage themselves fully in this fight or if they’re not ready.
At the end of the day, it’s gonna be just you and yourself at the end of the path. It is only you and your decision whether to take another step or to just stand there, watching or waiting for something, sort of a miracle to happen to you. But hey, in life, miracle seldom occurs.
Hence, why don’t we start to gear up and be ready to engage in the fight, ourselves. After all, there’s no one to turn to, when you’re all alone. And believe me, life has taught me so much until now to believe that I’m gonna be all alone in the end. At least when I don’t have my family around.
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3 Responses to Paths, decisions and destiny

  1. squesha says:

    tambah motivate lps baca entri saudara reverie.tq.

  2. reverie says:

    squesha: bagus. teruskan berusaha selagi boleh. 😉

  3. pisey says:

    decide well. think before you do. haha. dah bunyi macam iklan (:

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