Interpretation of lifes interpretation and an announcement

Life has got many interpretations. By living my life i learn to understand that lives interpretation is always changing for me. If life is a book, it sure will have many chapters in it. Regarding economy, ideology, religion, humanity, cruelty and lots of other stuffs. We as plain humans always decide to only read a part of the whole book and wants to believe it as the whole idea of life which is not fair to me. Yet what can we do? If in school we’ll have teachers to guide us through book reading process, in life lessons there are none. The so called teachers are themselves incomplete learners. Hence in the end the real meaning of life, can it ever be interpreted?

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3 Responses to Interpretation of lifes interpretation and an announcement

  1. Fontonk says:

    Guru yang paling baik ialah siapa eh?Nice entry. Hidup ini bnyk cabang. sngat complicated. Subhanallah. Sangat lemah kita

  2. reverie says:

    Fontonk: ada orang cakap pengalaman. aku tak tau. Memang kita sangat fragile.

  3. Tulip says:

    suka entry nie.selama nie tak pernah terfikir pun untuk bandingknkan "life" dgn "book"

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